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Knowledge is king when taking action in your journey to lead a healthy lifestyle. The tools below will help give you a better understanding of where you stand and what services you might need to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Patient Dashboard gives you the tools, resources and guidance to take action in your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

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Take Action Tools

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Your Journey Begins Here In 3 Easy Steps.

 Use the Take Action Tools to get a general idea of where your health is, and where it should be.

All of the "Take Action Tools" are for informational purposes ONLY. Results and information from these tools are NOT to be used as a diagnosis. You may however contact us about these results to discuss your health and health care options as well as services provided by Bernacki Family Practice.

What is the Patient Dashboard? Think of the Dashboard as your health headquarters - A home base featuring a secure Patient Portal, resources, information, and links to give you control over your health, all with our help and guidance at your fingertips. Get healthy, stay healthy and be in control of it all.

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Bernacki Family Practice now features Action Tools to help you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Not sure where to start? Click Here

Find out how soon you should get your Preventative Services check up with a "Health" Letter of Recommendation. What is it?..Click Here.

Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine. What are they and why do their patients love them so much?

US Preventative Services Task Force Tool

Simply enter your age and gender to find out which medical services you should look into and how important they are for your health. From Healthfinder.Gov

Body Mass Index Checker

Use this Body Mass Index checker to find out what your healthy weight should be. Call us to discuss results today. 

What's My Diagnosis? Symptom Checker Tool

This Symptom Checker is for informational purposes ONLY. The results received from this tool are NOT a diagnosis.

Osteoporosis & Fracture Risk Assessment Tools

A clinical calculator used to determine the risk of Osteoporosis. Included are links to the FRAX Fracture Risk Assessment Tool as well. 

A-Z List of Health Topics

Check out our topics and tools to help you and your family stay healthy. Browse our categories, choose a population, or use the A to Z search.

From Healthfinder.Gov

Step 1 - Take Action

Step 2 - Research the Info

Review the recommended services that the Take Action Tools suggest and learn about the possible causes and treatments.

Step 3 - Consult the Experts

Contact Dr. B's Office to schedule an appointment to discuss your findings, talk about services to prevent illness and discomfort and put preventative measures in action to maintain a healthy life.

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