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Our History - Telling Our Story...

2000 - 2014

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What We Do

Bernacki Family Practice & Wellness Center located in Greenfield, PA has been serving the Pittsburgh area since 1987. While we treat acute illness, injuries and everything in between, we encourage all of our patients to take action regarding their health. We now feature a robust website full of information, resources and online tools to help you with your journey to a healthy lifestyle. For questions, concerns or help along the way, contact us at 412-422-6500.  

Why Choose Bernacki Family Practice

At Bernacki Family Practice patients become family. 

News And Information

Bernacki Family Practice launches our new website with info, resources and so much more. Visit us often as we will be updating the site with new features, stories news and a host of other content that will help you stay informed on issues involving your health.