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Dear Friend,

I'm feeling compelled to provide my take on this situation we are facing.

I too have hunkered down, and I'm following the recommendations for personal health and protection and population safety.

As both a physician and a community leader, I will share with you all just a few things I've learned about COVID 19, and protection.

What we know for sure: The situation is in fact very serious.

Common sense self-protection, (good personal hygiene and environmental cleansing) are essential because...

This particular strain of the Corona virus, COVID19 is dangerous and contagious!

It's much more virulent, (dangerous), than the common cold, the flu, and any of the other recent viral epidemics.

Even young, strong, and previously healthy individuals can become severely ill and even succumb (die, that's mortality), or survive, but be left with severe compromise in functional capacity, (that's morbidity). The older and chronically ill, and the weakest of our population are the most vulnerable, but all are at risk.

Social distancing is therefore both helpful and important to self-protect and reduce transmission, (spread). Larger gatherings and closer interactions promote the spread.

Self-isolation makes sense for the vulnerable, and perhaps for everyone, at the present time.

We do not yet know how long these measures must be continued.

Public health measures are proven to reduce penetration, (limit the cases), and also the severity of population impact, (death rate, mortality), and severe illness, hospitalization rates, (morbidity), as well as reduce the number of survivors suffering from long term health effects, (chronic or permanent morbidity).

Cancellations and postponements are necessary and intelligent responses to combat the threat of COVID 19 and limit the overall impact of this virus on our health and society.

PLEASE, take seriously this threat and take ALL personal protective measures.
PLEASE, respect and comply with any mandatory restrictions, regardless of the inconvenience and short term costs.
PLEASE, make good decisions, repeatedly and consistently.

Stay safe, my Friends

Bern Bernacki

A special message from Dr. Bernacki regarding the COVID-19 Virus.